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Welcome to the Food Heaven Weekend!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love food.

I spend my days slaving away over the latest ideas I have in my underground food lab, much like Heston Blumenthal or Jimmy Doherty. You see, there’s so much more to creating amazing food than simply following a recipe – I’d rather create something mediocre to improve upon than simply recreate someone else’s success.

I’m not one for the limelight in general either, which is why I hide behind this blog, which gives me the opportunity to speak my mind while remaining (relatively) anonymous. I got the name from watching an American sports channel – in fact, I have a feeling this very website is a reincarnation of the conception of the site. How’s that for a poetic repetition in time?

So, while I’m not planning to become the next Jamie Oliver, you might occasionally see me entering my efforts into local baking contests such as the latest Tesco competition and inadvertently find my face beaming out from the local newspaper if a score a prize. Fortunately for me, that’s never resulted in me being linked back to the site, so I get to stay behind my cryptic curtain on the information superhighway.

Fitting A New Kitchen Was Never So Dangerous!

I thought I’d update the site today to tell you about a minor disaster that struck recently when I visited a friend in Glasgow that is also a bit of a food fan and actually works as a chef in a well known restaurant in the city.

The reason for my trip was twofold. First, being the kind of person I am, we’d not met up for a really long time. Each Christmas we vow to get a date in the diary for the new year, and it just never happens – life has a habit of getting in the way, right?

So, he’s replacing the kitchen in the restaurant so that seemed like a great time to go and help (reason 2!). The idea was we’d take a look around some kitchen showrooms and get some ideas, then start to plan out the layout based on the essential equipment – then see how much room was left for any extra luxuries.

What we hadn’t banked on though, was that the salesmen from commercial kitchen companies are a little more keen to see your premises first, rather than residential kitchen stores where you have a wander around and gain some ideas. So, sure enough the rep arrived on Saturday morning and proceeded to measure up the available space. He suddenly stopped in his tracks at one end of the current cooking area, and asked about the wall coverings. All we knew was it was artex and it had to go – we’re not in the seventies any more! In fact we’d already been in touch with several kitchen and bathroom tilers to get some quotes for those walls to be sorted out.

That was when the bombshell was dropped – apparently artex can contain asbestos – particularly if it was installed during the sixties and seventies. So, we turned to the internet and found all sorts of horror stories about people drilling into it and the health risks. It also became pretty clear that you have to be very careful when removing it, which can also be expensive and hard to dispose of:


So, having spent a weekend in Glasgow, absolutely nothing food related happened whatsoever. Someone came out to take a look and confirmed that there was a risk present, so now he’s waiting for the results to see how to proceed. The only good news is it’s only likely to be a problem if it needs removing.

Who’d have thought changing a kitchen could be such a health hazard?